entities: VOUSI: the corporation   VOUSI offers training and consulting services for 
corporations and non profit agencies globewide, with an emphasis on distributed complex 
systems management. VOUSI also sponsors Athena University and Athena Academy. Athena 
University   AU is a non profit institution offering undergraduate and graduate programs in a 
fully online, fully interactive environment. Athena Academy   AA offers K 12 and home 
schooling services through a student centered, constructivist learning community. Athena 
University electronic campus is built on a system called a Virtual Education. There are three 
main tools which currently make up the VEE: 
1.  The MOO (Multi user Object Oriented) system enables participants to have meetings, 
discussions, and other real time interactions in a virtual environment which is primarily 
text but which can also incorporate images, sound, and other media from the web. 
2.  The web enables Athena University to publish and access documents and multimedia 
materials   text, images, sound, video, applications, and more. The web gives access to a 
wide variety of information including academic papers, art, music, and news. It can also 
provide access to curriculum, schedules, administrative information, student assignments, 
and other internal materials. 
3.  E mail is best used as a form of correspondence information exchange that cannot wait to 
be viewed on a web page. For instance, if a student wanted to send a note to someone 
asking them to meet on the MOO at a particular time, e mail would be the way to do it. Or 
if an instructor wants the class to review some materials on the web before the next 
meeting on the MOO, e mail can be used to notify the class and give them the web 
address for the materials. 
Case Study 18: Company. The MBA International Institute 



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