This case study is a transcript of an interview written by Robin Mason. 
The MBA International Institute has all the appearance of a diploma mill. An address is given 
in Cambridge, Mass. but no phone number or signs of being anything more than a one or two 
person organization. All indications are that this is typical of the kind of exploitation the Web 
has spawned. The basic offering of MBAII is free Web courses. In fact, these are a clear 
promotional platform for various authors to increase sales of their management books. 
Three complete Web courses are available on the site: Managing People, Managing for the 
Long Run and Accounting Principles. The `courses' are in fact more like teaching clips, being 
no more than the equivalent of 10 pages of material. Recommended texts are promoted 
extensively as well as discounts on purchase of the books. Following the course content is a 
Web based self assessment test with model answers provided. In short, the program seems to 
be a vehicle for selling books, through capturing the readers' interest and making it easy to 
buy the books. 
The courses are absolutely free   there is no need even to register. No tutoring is provided, 
although there is provision for sending in comments about the courses to MBAII. There is no 
accreditation offered. As the courses are on an open Web site, it is possible to work through 
the materials anytime. 
Secondary Education Institutions 
There were only two institutions that were categorized as secondary education institutions. 
These were the Pinelands High School [78] in South Africa and the National Institute for 
Distance Education [87] in Sweden. However, other institutions such as distance education 
institutions do offer secondary education courses as part of their course portfolio. 
The National Institute for Distance Education [87] (
), in Sweden 
reports to have 1000 students and 30 courses in all secondary level subjects. The institute has 
focused on the need of fast communication in distance education and therefore they are using 
conference systems in all courses. Moreover they are producing web based study guides, so 
far in two subjects. 



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