Case Study 19: Secondary education. The Swedish National Institute of Distance 
This case study is a transcript of an interview written by Torstein Rekkedal. 
The National Institute of Distance Education consists of two schools, one in Harnosand 
(started 1962) and one in Norrkoping (started 1956). Most courses are on secondary level, 
complemented with other forms of distance education on demand from various customers. 
This case study is focused on the school in Norrkoping. We are offering an flexible enrolment 
and examination based on individual progression schedule. Depending on the local possibility 
students may work in facilities in their neighborhood  Studyshops , governed by the local 
community in co operation with us. 
From our experience we have chosen to focus on the interaction process in using ICT 
(information and communication technology). This means that we are mainly distributing 
static material by ordinary post in order to present a good structured material concerning 
layout and form. WWW as one form of using the Internet is used for communication and 
producing an interactive process, student   preproduced material and student   tutor. The main 
part of our courses is based on First Class, since the interaction is easily performed there. 
All courses are supported by First Class, apart from that we have produced some courses 
during the years in plain HTML supported by java scripts. Recently we have decided to build 
our interactions on a web  platform, LEKTOR, produced by Kungliga Tekniska Hogskolan, 
Stockholm. The actual work on the course material will be done in a database, which is 
necessary in order to make it possible for the course producers to continuously update the 
material. Concerning the student registration and administration we have during the two last 
years developed a system named SSVN 2000. 
Normally our courses are based on ordinary printed textbooks. We develop study guides on 



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