is necessary to give opportunities for discussion and work with pedagogical subjects to 
establish the base for flexible learning. We have started to give seminars in these areas in will 
try to develop this further. During 1999 we will have all courses on web, based on LEKTOR   
still the focus will be interaction and not transport of information. The reason for using WWW 
is that we see an increase in the number of students using local  Studyshops  and also an 
increasing interest from the market in using this method, for example has some factories made 
 Studyshops  for their employed. We also see a need for collaboration on various levels 
within the educational system, both in Sweden and international. 
Organizations and Associations 
The institutions characterized as organizations and associations represented a broad range of 
initiatives. Among them were International Telecommunication Union [1], the Community 
Learning Network [23], The Government of Cyprus [29], and the Pacific University College 
of Optometry <126>. 
The Government of Cyprus [29] (
) offers a course in learning 
Greek at an open web site. Kypros Net, in conjunction with the Cyprus Broadcast 
Corporation, offers the possibility to learn Greek on the Internet. The course consists of 105 
lessons contained in audio files plus a web board for student interaction. There is an 
English/Greek dictionary, spell checker, and downloadable Greek fonts. 
The Community Learning Network (CLN) [23] 
) in Canada offers 5 courses in 
telecommunications and teacher education at an open web site. CLN is designed to help K 12 
teachers integrate technology into their classrooms. It offers annotated links to educational 
web sites and develops its own resources. Several online courses on telecommunications 
topics of interest are included. Each of these courses is available on the CLN web site for 
teachers to take at the leisure. Typically, each online course consists of 8 lessons. Each lesson 
will consist of explanatory and practical activities. 



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