Case Study 20: Organization. The Pacific University College of Optometry 
This case study is a transcript of an interview written by Robin Mason. 
Pacific University College of Optometry offers a series of continuing education courses for 
eyecare professionals. They are offered in conjunction with Optometry Today, a professional 
organization. The model of these courses is closer to professional resources and self teaching 
than to a supported and tutored course. 
The Web is used for presentation and for teaching. There is no interaction or communication 
provided as part of the course. However, the courses are entirely self contained on the Web. 
Sound and video clips are used as part of the teaching materials. Interactivity is offered in 
machine form, as feedback on multiple choice tests. No direct tutoring is offered. However, 
the Web site has a glorified email system for queries and comments about the courses entitled 
`Step up to the Podium'. 
There are no assignments, but each course has a multiple choice test of 20 questions. A 
passing grade is required to receive credit for the course. Accreditation is pending, Meantime 
credit is available after taking the multiple choice tests. Pacific University is negotiating with 
the State Boards throughout the US and Canada for accreditation for these online courses. The 
cost of each course is $50 for 3 credits. Obviously the start and finish dates are completely 
Undefined Category of Institutions 
The institutions that are listed as undefined are: LEB [2], The Irish Centre for Distance 
Education Research and Applications [47], NTI Skolan [88], Abacus Learning Systems [94], 
Eloquence [95], and the California Distance Learning Project, Lifelong Learning Online 



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