property. We will own our own servers and write code around an Oracle database. We 
have a low level base system with no sound or video, most materials are text based and we 
use Java Active server pages and Java for authoring and editing. 
   <54> A large mixture. The actual StudieNet environment can be viewed as a static set of 
webs that build upon information that are stored and maintained in separate databases 
(student information, course database, ) with a base set of electronic provisions for all the 
411 courses: mail, ftp (downloading software), discussion groups, descriptive information 
(comparable to course catalogue), news, etc. At the content level there still a lot of 
referring to the still predominant set of printed materials, videos, tapes, CD ROM and CD 
audio. Depending on specific course requirements, we add groupware (BCWS, real 
audio/video, audio graphics, etc. The introduction of StudieNet in all OUNL courses 
builds upon materials that have been designed in line with the second generation paradigm 
of distance education in mind. This implies that most materials are still based on print 
based sets of materials with extra media resources such as audio, video, CD ROM, etc. 
The use of the StudieNet therefore focuses especially on coping with exploitation issues, 
such as, news, discussion groups and tutoring. But while revising, updating and making 
new courses, the StudieNet provision becomes the core of the course design and 
production. A good example is the course Visual Programming with Java that consists of a 
working book, a CD ROM and a complete web where students can find an online 
introduction, discussion groups, examples of Java work, etc. 
   <58> NKI Nettskolen is powered by Netscape s servers. In addition we apply Listserv 
distribution lists and Mhonarc a program that reads listserv archives and displays them 
on the web. We have further developed a student registration system named SESAM. At 
the moment, we are developing services based on the Oracle database management system 
and a RealMedia server is recently installed for audio  and video applications. The use of 
media does not vary much between courses. Study guides, links, communication services 
etc. are provided via the web. Typically the courses include standard textbooks that are 
distributed via land mail. Some courses require use of commercial software packages that 
students must purchase or free software that they could download via the web. The 
courses do not usually include any face to face sessions. 
   <86> We have a Microsoft WindowsNT workstation as server platform, Microsoft 
FrontPage for designing our web sites and the free software programs MS NetMeeting and 
Iparty (downloaded via the web) for communications. For two courses multimedia 
programs in Visual Basic are produced by us. All courses are based on ordinary printed 
textbooks as in on campus courses. In some courses the text also is online and including 
multimedia programs. Each course is given once a year under a period of 8 10 weeks. In 
all courses two face to face sessions are included. In one course practical work face to 
face or on distance are included. Study guides, links, communications services et cetera 
are provided via the web. 
   <8> WWW plus other media: audio, text based and teleconferencing. WWW for 
interactivity. No video clips but central university facility will assist in this. We use 
Netscape and our IT people produce our own database system from that. 
   <12> The www plus other media. This could range from the www plus lecturing on 
campus to the www plus CD ROM plus you name it for distance education. The www is 
used predominantly for content and for interaction between people. The student has a web 
page and initiates the CD ROM and or video clip through it. Basically ours is a home 
grown system because we began teaching on the internet in 1992 and there was nothing 
available. We added Graphical User Interfaces in 1995. Our system is UNIX based and we 
use various bits of public domain software available on the internet. We have looked at the 



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