(approx.30) are delivered by CAFE MONDIAL partners. Courses provided by Youandi 
GmbH and CAFE MONDIAL franchisees and members are presented on web. Students 
can automatically register and receive an ID and password to enter the virtual classroom 
located on FirstClass Intranet servers linked to WWW. 
   <34> Mostly, the web is used for presentation of content, i.e. information to the students. 
Materials for the course like texts and research reports to be used in the seminars. Most of 
the courses have also built in discussion forums. In the actual course the assignments are 
on the web pages, and the participants are encouraged to talk to each other by e mail, but 
mainly in the discussion forums. Commercial administrative system software, e.g. like 
FirstClass, is considered to be unsuitable and is not used. Software for web based 
communication is used. 
   <87> From our experience we have chosen to focus on the interaction process in using 
ICT (information and communication technology). This means that we are mainly 
distributing static material by ordinary post in order to present a good structured material 
concerning layout and form. WWW as one form of using the Internet is used for 
communication and producing an interactive process, student   preproduced material and 
student   tutor. The main part of our courses is based on First Class, since the interaction is 
easily performed there. 
   <75> The course is experimental and involves 50 students. The tools available generate 
dynamic HTML. The distance learning is based on First Class. This powerful tool for 
learning provides an environment characterized by discussion groups, conference rooms, 
e mail and other facilities. WWW is used for presentation and communication. 
   <106> The Web is only one of many online technologies used on the programs. Various 
groupware systems are used for synchronous and asynchronous interaction. Some are 
Web based and others are not. Because the department does not have large resources to 
draw upon, systems such as FirstClass have been ruled out as too expensive. Some of the 
courses in the program make little or even no use of the Web; others use it for teaching 
and course presentation. 
   <109> The Web is used for presentation, communication and teaching. Each student is 
assigned an Adviser whom they can contact by telephone or e mail. The course content 
consists of Web pages plus key texts. A residential weekend at the beginning of the course 
is optional. The courses uses First Class computer conferencing through a Web browser, 
for student and tutor interaction. The tutor provides personalized online feedback on 
students' work. Peer support is also encouraged. One innovatory aspect of this course is 
the use of an Answer Garden, as a form of machine tutoring in addition to the personal 
tutoring. An Answer Garden encourages student student interaction. Frequently asked 
questions remain in the `Garden' as a resource. Staff prune out the less useful interactions 
from one presentation of the course to the next. 
   <125> The Web front end to FirstClass provides administrative facilities, course content 
pages as well of course as conferencing. The Web is also used for pre course self 
assessment tests, course information and registration. Other media are also used: in fact 
most online courses require the student to buy an accompanying text book. New students 
are obliged to follow a one week orientation program to become familiar with the course 
software. The courses support student student interaction as well as tutor and 
administrative interactions, all through First Class conferences and e mail. 



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