The following statements included comments about WebCT: 
   <33> The web is used for all those four but mostly for communications and interactions. 
We use WebCT mostly as a learning environment but we are testing the other 
environments too. We combine so called  traditional  course materials with the 
communication in WWW environment. We have used web learning environments about 
two years, first in professional training courses and now also in the Virtual Open 
University Courses. 
   <107> The course began in 1997/8 as a low tech, primarily print based course. However, 
WebCT is their new online teaching tool which allows students to read course material, 
and to communicate through online discussions, bulletin boards and e mail. Glossaries, 
indexes and bibliographies can be created by students or staff and assessments are set and 
can be automatically marked. An example module from the course is available on the Web 
site and the quality of material and presentation is very high. 
   <11> The web is used for all four of these. The web provides an online learning 
environment including database and administration, We use WebCT. We had made very 
considerable development by ourselves before we bought WebCT. Internet database 
construction is not our core business and we were not willing to proceed and to maintain 
what we had developed, so we chose WebCT. We find it very economic and have now 
worked closely with Murray Goldberg at WebCT for over 12 months. 
   <11> Online materials must be given piecemeal to prevent students this age of racing 
ahead and around the materials. The design is kept simple but we start with the web and 
we work back from there. This means we offer a consortium of online teaching from all 
content online to no content online. The decision depends on the nature of the content and 
whether we are developing from new or adapting ran existing course to the web. We find 
that the internet is a cheaper way to update course content, especially in subjects where we 
change content annually like: Taxation, accounting and legal studies. We use CD ROM 
for heavy audio and video content. We have limited clips of audio and video on the web 
but heavy audio and graphics are called up from a CD ROM. Some of the activity is Java 
based but. We try to avoid Java because it is too costly. The chart system in WebCT is 
Java based. Assignments we submitted as attachments to a bulletin board. 
The following statements included comments about Lotus Notes: 
   <28> Only some elements are on the web; it is not necessary to have all on the web. This 
is a small city and we don t need to have all of the materials on the web. We use e mail, 
bulletin boards and conferencing packages for communication. We use a client/server 
architecture using modems but not ISPs. We have some interactive components with a 
little synchronous activity. We use some sound and video but not a lot. We are a center of 
excellence for distance learning research and for distance learning course development. 
We have some Java and use Lotus Notes for our system .For the administration we have 
used Lotus Notes Net Learning Space and we do our own programming. We find that 
Lotus Notes cannot be modified and are now looking at WebCT. We make our own html 
   <66> The web is used for all of these except for administration. We will however try to 
include database and administration in a new web based course in JAVA programming, 
which starts next autumn. We also plan to collect data in a Internet database from a field 
course which is a part of a distance education course called Evolution and Environment. 
The web provides an online learning environment. The use of Web in our courses is 



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