on the internet we give the students the Open University distance learning materials as 
well" <28>. 
   "Our costs are a little higher than conventional government universities, which are very 
low. The private universities are three times higher than our www degrees at 16.000 
rupees per year and we charge one third of the price of the self financing courses of the 
traditional universities. The cost of a masters degree on the www is 4.500 rupees per year 
(120 euros)" <42>. 
   "The costs of enrolment are comparable to face to face, instructor led training and to 
distance learning. There are a number of issues that need to be resolved as there is a 
tendency to shift the cost of access to training to the student in the move to the web" <7>. 
   "Exactly the same prices as traditional face to face courses <12>. 
   "Same costs as any other higher education degree in Australia. Basically $50 per point for 
a 36 point degree is $1800" <8>. 
It is also worth to notice that some institutions subsidize the courses: 
   "The cost of courses varies tremendously according to the nature of the accreditation and 
length of the course. On the whole, full student costs are not charged" <96>. 
Variable Prices and Discounts 
A few institutions indicate that the prices are variable: 
   "Prices vary with the amount of the course purchased and the number of hours of tutorial 
support requested. Individual prices and group prices are available on request" <95>. 
   "The costs are calculated by groups of students and negotiated with the client which can 
be an institution, a university or an enterprise. On average, a 2 years Master course will 
cost the client 157 120 EUROS for a group of 20 students" <17>. 
   "The cost of the course is as follows: Students from the EU pay  312. Overseas students 
pay  624. Industrial sponsored students pay  970" <103>. 
Other institutions offer special discount schemes: 
   "A typical course involving 40 hours of tutoring costs ECU 200with 50% reduction for 
CAFE MONDIAL members" <38>. 
   "The calculation of the fees for the distance education courses offered by 
Verkmenntaskolinn a Akureyri is based on the number of points taken by each individual 
student. The starting price for a point is about 63 US$. As the points taken grow in 
number the price pr. point gets gradually lower. The maximum number of points hitherto 
taken by a student in one semester is 25, at which stage the price pr. point has gone down 
to about 50 US$" <41>. 
   "Each course has the duration of 4 months (corresponding to 40h in a traditional system) 
and costs the student 299 EUROS   4 credits. There is a 10% discount for students that 
apply for 9 courses (36 credits   a specialization course)" <83>. 
Tuition Fees per Credit 
In some of the interviews <58, 63, 117, 120, 124, and 125> it is possible to identify the price 
per credit. The graduate credits are somewhat more expensive than the undergraduate credits. 
For example, the Central Michigan University <117> reports that the costs of courses varies, 



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