but that undergraduate courses typically cost $158 per credit and that graduate courses 
typically costs $187 per credit. At NKI Nettskolen <58> in Norway, the student fees are 
typically 150 euros per credit. These fees are meant to cover the actual costs of course 
development, administration, and teaching. NKI Nettskolen emphasizes cost effective course 
design, administration, and teaching. 
With reservations that credits from various countries are not comparable, the institutions 
charge from 70 Euros to 500 Euros per credit. Among the less expensive is Heritage Online 
<120>. The cost of their courses are $200 per 3 credits for upper division courses and $215 
per 3 credits for graduate courses. In addition there is a $185 audit tuition. 
Among the more expensive institutions is OnlineLearning.net <125>. The cost of their 
courses is $500 per credit. 
Tuition Fees per Course 
In some of the interviews <77, 75, 73, 80, 13, 43, 97, 99, 101, 103, 107, 111 and 27> the 
prices were given per course. These courses are not easily comparable with regard to level, 
duration, or scope. The prices typically range from 100 Euro to 1000 Euro per courses. 
Some of the inexpensive courses are offered by the Porto Industrial Association <77> in 
Portugal. Their courses are experimental. The student pays a residual value of 40 EURO and 
an additional 15 EURO per course. 
Some of the more expensive courses are offered by the University of British Colombia <27>. 
The tuition fee per course is $695 (Canadian), however the complete cost with text books, 
delivery and taxes is between $850 and $900 (Canadian), depending on location. UNED <80> 
in Spain charges approximately 1000 EUROS per course. 
Tuition Fees per Semester 
In some of the interviews the fees per semester were provided. The tuition fees for one 
semester (part time or full time) varies from about 500 Euros to 2000 Euros. 
   "The course fee varies from about 500 to 1000 Euro for one semester half time study 
costs" <66>. 
   "The course costs 15.000 NKr for 10 credits=half year full time (course offered part time 
during one year), i.e. 1.800 Euro plus 250 euro for textbooks (if the buy all). Then also 
costs for travel to 2 seminars come on the top" <60>. 
   "The course fee is the same for all students For two semesters part time=one semester full 
time (30 ECTS credits) the total fee paid by the student is around 1400 Euros"<64>. 
   "The students pay 10.000 NKr for a program equaling one semester full time (10 credits)= 
1.250 Euros plus the costs of textbooks" <59>. 
Tuition Fees per Degree or Certificate 
The students that would like to pursue a degree or certificate online must be prepared to pay 
several thousand Euros. 
At the University of the Sunshine Cost <6> in Australia the prices are A$3,000 for a Graduate 
Certificate in Business Administration, A$6,000 for a Graduate Diploma in Business 
Administration, and A$9,000 for a Master of Business Administration. 



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