The Centre for Labour Market Studies at the University of Leicester <102> runs an 
international MSc program. The courses include human resource management, performance 
management and training and development. The costs of courses vary according to the 
location of the student. Where courses are handled by agents, MSc fees are between  4100 
and  5500 for the two years. Diploma fees are between  1650 and  1800 for one year. 
The Institute of Education <104>, one of the many institutions making up the University of 
London, offers two Web courses. One is a professional development course about online 
teaching, very similar to that offered by the University of Lancaster. The other is a Masters 
course on second language teaching. The cost of the Masters is  4500. The cost of their 
professional development course is  590. 
The Centre for English Language Studies in Education at the University of Manchester <106> 
offers two Masters programs for students  from Australia to Zimbabwe . CELSE is part of the 
School of Education and runs these programs   supporting the technology, designing the 
courses and tutoring the 150 or so students   from their own resources. The cost of the Masters 
is  3,500 for both European and overseas students. 
A Masters of Lifelong Learning is offered jointly by the University of Stirling and Glasgow 
Caledonian University <109>. The program aims to stimulate critical reflection and to support 
learners in linking key perspectives in lifelong learning to their own experiences. 60 credit 
points lead to a certificate, 120 credit points lead to a diploma, and 180 credit points lead to a 
masters. The full Masters includes an independent research project which may be work based. 
The cost of taking the full Masters is  4000; the diploma is  3000; the certificate is  1500. 
The cost of residential weekends is additional. 
Other Financial Issues 
A number of institutions were concerned about other financial issues: 
   <86> The plans involve development of more cost effective courses. 
   <73> The www is an excellent tool for globalization, reducing costs,   
   <41> It seems to us that in spite of temporary setbacks due to financial straits, the 
Distance Education Program of the Verkmenntaskolinn a Akureyri has been firmly 
established within college education in the country. Inquiries are very numerous and 
applications from people wanting to enroll are about 100% more than can be admitted at 
   <13> At this moment there are surveys investigating the possibilities of online delivery of 
Vocational Education and Training in Australia. These are being funded by the national 
   <43> The aim is that the DeLLTTi should support itself with in two years. 



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