The following institutions reveal that they combine human tutoring with machine tutoring: 
   <51> Depending on the course, human tutoring can be provided in the following ways: a) 
help desk   problems and counseling using the system, b) expert tutoring via e mail. In the 
self learning courses some levels of machine tutoring are provided, there are 
questionnaires embedded inside. Additionally, human feedback and automatic feedback is 
   <28> The basis structure is lecturers doing the tutoring but we have some responses that 
are machine checked and the results electronically communicated to the students. 
   <45> There is human tutoring, machine and group tutoring. 
   <96> All forms of tutoring are supported: human, machine and group tutoring. A number 
of courses use peer tutoring. 
   <101> Human tutoring is usually via e mail, but machine tutoring in the form of online 
tests with JavaScript feedback is also used. 
   <95> The Web is also used to send questions to the tutors. Machine tutoring is provided in 
the form of automatic correction. Personal tutoring is available through e mail queries. 
This French course is essentially self taught with support from a tutor for individual 
student queries. 
   <71> Tutoring is mainly provided by the tutor. Machine tutoring is also used. 
   <19> Human tutoring supported by course databases. The e mail is used frequently. Chats 
are also used in scheduled moments. The databases are built with the information related 
with Frequently Asked Questions   FAQs. The idea is to promote the access to the FAQs 
before asking the tutor, and to promote a culture of autonomy in the students. The 
information contained in the databases are periodically tested by the tutors, under the 
supervision of the course coordinator. 
   <84> All types of tutoring. The training is digital. There are e mail, forums, news, time 
schedule, curriculum and confidential messages. It is an intelligent system that goes from 
the CD ROM to the web. The system allows that when there are questions they are 
answered and registered in the web and the web will provide you with extra information. 
The tutor is the animator that puts rhythm to the course. 
Individual and Group Tutoring 
Most institutions seem to combine individual tutoring with group tutoring. The focus between 
the two could however vary. Here are some statements that indicate a focus on individual 
   <125> Students are grouped in small classes of no more than 20 students. Online Learning 
assigns a course manager to oversee the day to day operation of each online course. The 
manager is available by e mail, phone or fax to offer personalized attention to students 
with queries.  Many say they're the secret to our success . 
   <104> Students are assigned to individual tutors, who are primarily staff of the Institute. 
   <124> Students are assigned a tutor who interacts and marks assignments. 
   <107> Each student is assigned an individual tutor who marks work and interacts online. 
In addition, the course also provides student support in the form of monthly seminars. 
These seminars review study guides; they are not compulsory but are offered to aid 
understanding of study guides or to discuss issues encountered while studying the course 



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