<109> The tutor provides personalized online feedback on students' work. Peer support is 
also encouraged. One innovatory aspect of this course is the use of an Answer Garden, as 
a form of machine tutoring in addition to the personal tutoring. An Answer Garden 
encourages student student interaction. Frequently asked questions remain in the `Garden' 
as a resource. Staff prune out the less useful interactions from one presentation of the 
course to the next. 
   <41> Tutoring operates in the main in two fields. The first one is through instructional 
letters sent to the students. In these they are told what to read in textbooks, in handouts, in 
documents sent in e mail, in attachments or on web pages. Directions are given on points 
of emphasis and on other aspects of the learning material in such details as the teacher 
deems necessary. Also assignments are discussed and indications given as need be as to 
the working of these including examples of work so as to make it as clear to the student as 
possible what is expected of him. The second main field of tutoring in the Distance 
Education Program of Verkmenntaskolinn a Akureyri is through the tutor's work on the 
assignment of the student's work when it has been sent to him. The teacher not only 
corrects mistakes, but also discusses them, gives directions for further reading, examples 
of how the work should have been done, if need be and so on. This second phase is 
thought to be the more important of the two. A third field also exists involving answering 
inquiries from students. The bulk of the work discussed here is done through the use of e 
On the other hand, the following statements indicate a focus on group tutoring: 
   <60> Project work is central to the course. There is some help to get started. A pre project 
is submitted to be accepted including a practice report. The final project documentation is 
submitted at the end of the course (and counting 50%) of the final grade. Again all 
tutoring are towards the group as the unit. 
   <111> Discussion forums are used for group interactivity and private e mail to the tutor. 
Students are assigned to tutors who animate the discussions and mark assignments. 
   <97> Tutoring is provided on the courses and students are allocated to small tutorial 
groups. Tutor marked assignments are used, although essay assignments are optional. 
   <74> Human tutoring provided by the tutor. Group tutoring is also provided. 
   <86> Most of the courses are PBL based, with group meetings via computers with a 
teacher as tutor. Tutors give feedback on all questions and comments to each student via 
e mail or via FAQ on the web site. Assignments for submission commented and corrected 
by a tutor are central in tutoring.  
Online and Offline Tutoring 
Online teaching is in many courses supplemented with face to face meetings, video  or audio 
conferences, or telephone contact as indicated in the following statements: 
   <5> Tutors and audio conferencing and electronic threaded discussions. 
   <78> The tutoring is conducted by e mail, by telephone or face to face. There is no group 
tutoring for the online courses, though other courses in the High School do provide this. 
Much emphasis is placed on telephone tutoring as it can alleviate the problems 
encountered with the materials in addition to technical problems which young students 
may encounter. There is also self scoring tests which are simple Java script programs. 



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