pending, in the meantime credit is available after taking the multiple choice tests. Pacific 
University is negotiating with the State Boards throughout the US and Canada for 
accreditation for these online courses. 
   <125> Students are grouped in small classes of no more than 20 students. Some online 
courses provide assessment and a final grade and others do not. Undergraduate and post 
graduate degrees are not available online, but some of the online courses do offer credit 
which can be transferred to another institution. 
   <35> The course is formally accredited by the German State. For the German students it is 
a very important certificate. The value for foreign students is not known. 
Several courses have one or more options for accreditation that testify the institutions 
willingness to be flexible and adapt to the students  needs: 
   <37> Learners who completed all obligatory tasks receive a certificate of the Technical 
University of Furtwangen. All others receive a  statement of participation . 
   <27> There are two main streams of enrolment in these courses, one for certificate credit 
and one destined for graduate credit. Participants have a choice of fully participating as a 
regular student or as an audit student in both streams of enrollment. Participants who earn 
a minimum final grade of 60% in each of the five courses will be awarded a UBC graduate 
"Certificate in Technology based Distributed Learning." However, participants may also 
enroll in a single course without the intention of completing all five. Following academic 
approval from the Faculty of Education, participants who qualify for entry as a graduate 
student for UBC s Faculty of Education may also apply credit from these courses towards 
the Faculty s Masters in Education. 
   <120> Tutor marked assignments are available on the courses, and these written 
assignments are required for credit. However, those who want to take a course without 
credit (called auditing) can submit a self reflection paper and receive a certificate of 
course completion. 
Assessment could be used both as a tool for measurement of student performance and as a 
tool for helping students to learn. The Production Handbook for Open University Courses and 
Packs ( 02.html) provides the 
following definitions: 
Assessment is the general term used for measuring students  performance on a course 
against the aims and objectives of that course. Assessment may be formative or 
Formative assessment is assessment as part of teaching: questions and assignments 
set to help the student learn effectively, but not used to determine the student s course 
Summative assessment is assessment to determine a student s overall level of 
performance on the course: questions and assignments, the grades or scores of which 
are used in determining the student s course result. 



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