face component, formative assessment is more experimental and tend to based more on online 
   <5>Assessment is formative only with continuous assessment. 
   <60> During the course, there is more reflection than assessment. Only the project work is 
assessed. The project counts 50% and the examination counts 50%. The exam can be 
taken at one of the other colleges. It is possible to sit a local examination, but this will, if 
offered, be charged specifically. 
   <59> There is no grading during the studies, but the students have to complete some 
exercises to show progression during their studies. Exams are the only formal evaluation. 
Assignments are commented. All students who have submitted the defined number of 
assignments are allowed to sit exams. There is no computer marked assignments. 
Assessment Methods 
Assessment could be done in several ways. According to Thorpe (1987, 11) the Open 
University, UK used in text questions (ITQs) for self assessment, computer marked 
assignments (CMAs), and tutor marked assignments (TMAs). Here, peer assessment is 
included as a fourth category of assessment. 
ITQs are developed for self assessment. For example, they could include questions which ask 
the students to review, revise, or summarize what they have learned from the course material. 
As a guide to self assessment, the course material could also include suggested solutions and 
CMAs utilize computer assessment. They are typically multiple choice questions, and Thorpe 
(1987, 15) stated that over 90 percent of the CMA question sets at the Open University have 
been of the multiple choice type. CMAs are well suited for CMC since both technologies are 
based on computers. 
TMAs are made for tutor assessment. These could take the form of an essay or a solution to a 
problem. Thorpe (1987, 16) wrote that the TMAs were the most important elements of the 
continuous assessment part of all undergraduate courses at the Open University. Obviously, 
TMAs are a major contribution to the teacher workload, and should therefore be carefully 
designed with regard to teacher workload. 
Example: Write an essay in which you discuss tutor assessment from both the learner s and the 
tutor s point of view. Post the essay as an e mail to your tutor. 
Peer assessment is included as a fourth category of assessment because online education 
provides more opportunities for peer communication than the traditional distance education 
setting at the Open University as described by Thorpe (1987). Peer assessment could be both 
informal comments among students collaborating on an assignment and a more formal 
feedback on individual assignments. 
Example: Write an essay in which you discuss peer assessment from both the learners  and the 
tutor s point of view. Find a peer student who would like to collaborate with you, and 
exchange essays for mutual peer assessment. 



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