<124>, and <102>. In addition, the following examples indicate an emphasis on tutor 
   <33> There are several ways for assessments. Typical way in Open University courses is 
to write essays about given or self chosen topics. The essays will be left on the www 
course area where the teachers can find and comment them. In the professional 
development courses the students are creating their own development projects instead of 
   <37> We make little use of self tests, computer marked assignments and peer assessment. 
During the course progress of learning is assessed by tutors. Our learners appreciate 
individual commentaries to their work very much. 
   <66> Most courses are assessed through tutor marked assignments during the whole 
course. Marking is for process evaluation and feedback. There are formal exams in all 
courses, except in the open learning courses. 
   <63> Most courses are assessed through tutor marked assignments during the course. 
Marking is for process evaluation and feedback. There are formal, written exams in all 
courses. For final grading only the formal exams count as they do for ordinary, on campus 
students taking the same courses. 
   <104> Students are assigned to individual tutors, who are primarily staff of the Institute. 
The language course requires termly assignments. The accreditation offered is a Masters 
   <117> Tutors mark assignments and examinations, which students must take under 
proctored conditions. 
   <77> There are several moments of assessment. The first evaluation is done in the face to 
face session at the beginning. The on going assessment is done by the tutor and is a 
functional part of the course. For each course there is a group of individual exercises. At 
the end of the course there is a final assessment. 
   <76> The assessment is made by the teacher/trainer and it's based on the documents 
produced by the trainee and its participation in the discussion forums. According to the 
nature of the course and of the target group there is no quantitative evaluation. Please note 
that the course aims to promote the professional development of teachers and allows them 
to progress in their career. 
   <7> The use of SAQs varies from course to course. There is little use of CMAs and the 
focus is on the tutor and tutor marking of assignments. Assessment is a workplace 
supervised competency based system. 
   <107> Each student is assigned an individual tutor who marks work and interacts online. 
In addition, the course also provides student support in the form of monthly seminars. 
These seminars review study guides; they are not compulsory but are offered to aid 
understanding of study guides or to discuss issues encountered while studying the course 
   <96> Courses use tutor marked assignments and have examinations. Degrees such as 
BPhil and MEd are offered as well as a Certificate in Advanced Professional Studies. A 
few courses offer a statement of course completion. 
   <97> Tutoring is provided on the courses and students are allocated to small tutorial 
groups. Tutor marked assignments are used, although essay assignments are optional. 
Currently only one course has an examination. 
   <101> All courses are contract based; that is, participants start with a Key Page to provide 
Web access to course elements and other resources. Assignments are marked by Leeds 



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