given by the National Institute for Distance Education <87> in Sweden, the Leeds 
Metropolitan University <101> in the UK, Eloquence <95> in the UK, and Heritage OnLine 
<120> in the US. 
   The Edith Cowan University <12> in Australia is moving towards flexible start and 
flexible finish, but they have a lot of students from many Asian countries and need to 
proceed prudently. 
   At Flexible Learning Cork <45> in Ireland, the courses normally have a flexible start and 
a flexible finish. One may progress to higher levels to the qualification of diploma. 
   At TAFE SA Online <11> in Australia, enrolment is flexible but in some courses students 
have to wait until a class of 10 is accumulated. They have 2,500 enrolments in 15 subjects, 
with 50 more in development. 
   At the Sunshine Coast University College <6> in Australia, generally students will need to 
have completed an undergraduate degree and have relevant work experience in 
management. The Dean of Business has discretion to approve admission if students do not 
meet these requirements but have other qualifications and experience that show that they 
would benefit from the chosen course and be likely to complete it successfully. 
A few institutions offer courses that are available at an open web site. These courses are very 
flexible as they are available to everyone all the time. However, these courses seem to relate 
more to self study courses than to courses that provide access to human tutors. 
   At the California Distance Learning Project <113> in the US, all the web materials are 
free and open. There is no need to register. 
   As the courses at the MBA International Institute <122> are on an open Web site, it is 
possible to work through the materials anytime. 
   The model of the Optometry Today courses at the Pacific University <126> is closer to 
professional resources and self teaching than to a supported and tutored course. Obviously 
the start and finish dates are completely flexible. 



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