Chapter 8. The Future of Online Education 
This chapter shows that the interviewees foresaw a future with more web courses, additional 
online services, better quality of the courses, enhanced focus on teacher training, further 
collaborations with other institutions, and additional organizational consequences. 
Massey and Curry s (1999, vi) analysis of key institutional providers of online post secondary 
education shows that the primary expansion strategies are more and diverse programs, 
international students, and new and niche markets such as corporate training. 
An interesting example of expansion is showed in Case Study 21. 
Case Study 21: Institution with substantial expansion. NKS Distance Education 
The next paragraph is compiled from the CISAER catalogue and the last paragraph is 
compiled from the later additions to the CISAER catalogue: 
In 1998 the NKS Distance Education [65] (
) in Norway reported to 
have 200 students and 10 courses in Web design, Law, Journalism, Norwegian, History of 
Art, History of Ideas, Management. NKS Distance Education has been designing web based 
courses since 1997, based on their experience with CMC based courses over the past ten 
years. The web based courses fall into three different categories: 1) Fully web based courses, 
2) Virtual classes, with a fixed starting and finishing point, 3) Partially web based courses, 
where student interaction with tutor is web based   as a minimum. 
In the spring of 1999 NKS reported to have 500 courses and 70 courses in Secondary school 
subjects, Journalism, Social Sciences, Pedagogics, Law, Norwegian, History of Art, Various 
ICT courses, Web design, Marketing, Business Administration and Management , Project 
Management, and Information Management. NKS further stated that the institution is being 
transformed from a traditional distance education institution to a modern web based learning 
space. From autumn 99 they are expanding the range of web based courses dramatically under 



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