the name of NKS Nettstudier (Netstudies). They aim at putting all their traditional 
correspondence courses on the web within May 2000, and they are continually developing 
new curriculum areas for web based teaching and learning. They have adopted the Swedish 
course tool LUVIT as their platform for web based course development, and are active as 
partners in the LUVIT corporation. 
The CISAER interviews included conclusions and information on a number of additional 
future plans. In the following paragraphs, the most pronounced opinions are discussed. 
More Web courses 
Many of the institutions pronounce plans to develop more web courses. Among them are 
<66>, <63>, and <64>. Other institutions elaborate like this: 
   <58> The plans involve development of more courses and better administrative systems. 
This entails a broader range of subject areas and additional categories of students. 
   <30> The plans involve developing more courses. 
   <33> The amount of courses will grow fast at 1999 and following years. 
   <34> It is assumed that some more online courses will be developed. 
   <35> Other courses are offered using the web; e.g. the Faculty of Economics and 
Computer Science is highly esteemed in Germany, and they have courses funded by 
private enterprises. 
   <37> Just now we are developing another 16 courses (technology of media, designing 
media, media in education etc.) to be used in university teaching and further education. 
   <41> Also there are plans for further courses both within the scope of college education 
and also in connection and co operation with parties outside the sphere of traditional 
   <62> There are plans to make more and more of the distance education courses web 
   <59> The institution wishes to develop courses also within some more  soft subjects  
(that do not require technical competence). One in Special Education is presently 
   <86> The plans involve development of more courses 
Additional Services 
Several institutions state that they plan to include additional, better, and more advanced online 
services in the future: 
   <58> The plans involve development of better administrative systems. 
   <66> The plans involve development of better administrative systems. In addition we will 
use video conferencing more frequently. We will also further develop the use of Internet 
and try to make it more interactive. 
   <34> Also extension of media use is considered, e.g. web based videoconferences and 
more use of other media too. 
   <33> We will use all kind of ways to communicate depending on subject. We will 
continue using asynchronous communication but also developing ways to use new 
technical ways for communication. We will test and make research about different web 
environments to find the suitable ones for our courses and write reports about the results. 



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