<41> Plans for future work include further and more extensive use of the web such things 
as computerized testing, interactive exercises, additional learning material, presentation of 
assignments, the use of discussion forms on the web and so on, still always keeping 
development within the range of the supposed technical ability of the students. 
   <63> We will look at possibilities of including more video, animations etc. as part of 
instructional material. 
   <44> The plan is to expand the www part of the course. 
   <6> More and more services are coming online. Already one can contact a helpdesk if you 
are having technical difficulties accessing your study materials. Students can undertake 
much of the research online by accessing the university s online catalogue and databases 
provided by the library. And if they have difficulty managing their studies, they have full 
access to student counselors in student services via  e mail with fellow students in 
Better Quality 
A few institutions focused on enhancing the quality of web courses: 
   <30> and <63> We will look at possibilities increasing the quality of discussion forums 
on the web. Developing high quality web materials for learning is a heavy process. 
   <37> The web facilitates updating course materials and providing our learners with most 
recent materials. However, in our opinion the educational potential of WWW is more to 
involve learners in joint learning activities and less to use it as a more or less comfortable 
   <41> The lines along which the Distance Education Program of Verkmenntaskolinn a 
Akureyri operates are basically simple ones and easily adapted to a wide variety of 
courses. Also it has been shown that teachers as well as students in general find it easy to 
work within the system used. Further development will make work in the Distance 
Education Program more user friendly and efficient than it already is. In our eyes, 
therefore, the future prospects of our Distance Education Program are bright and filled 
with promise of better and more efficient learning surroundings, more offerings and better 
service to our students. 
Training of Teachers 
Several institutions emphasized the need for teacher training: 
   <38> In the future we will put more emphasis on training the trainers in skills to 
efficiently moderate, facilitate, and coach courses. 
   <30> It seems more difficult that originally believed to spread the ideas on new teaching 
forms and new media for teaching among the academics in the university. 
   <59> Generally, the developments are dependent on the interest of the individual 
academics. There are not many that really are active and interested in developing courses 
and programs on the web for the time being. In fact, there are quite many academics that 
are not very active users of computers and WWW. 
   <74> The www is a powerful tool but it implies new pedagogical strategies. People must 
change but the tutors and the content forms must change also. The course participants are 
not used to think during the learning moments. The whole learning system must be re 
evaluated and re adjusted because a new knowledge metaphor is arising. The way we 



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