Tip: Building a new site saves time and effort 
Revamping an old Web site is troublesome and time-consuming. Digging into unfamiliar 
code, changing things that may not have been done correctly the first time, and making 
old layouts fit new ideas takes a lot of time and effort. While it seems efficient to build on 
an existing site structure, site renovation is actually more difficult than creating an 
entirely new site.  
Improving existing sites is a nightmare 
Kyle Shannon, chief creative officer,, New York City: 
 There is a category of project that is always more trouble than usual. We call them 
 refugee sites.  These are sites that are already up, but the client wants to improve 
them. On the face of it, refugee sites seem easy to do because the content is already 
there  The reality is that these sites are a nightmare. We have to go in there and 
repair the HTML, re-code the site based on the architecture we create. Refugee sites 
are significantly more time-consuming and more expensive   
Shoba Narayan,  Projects From Hell and the Wisdom They Bring  
Internet World: 
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