No IT staff available 
Host site with a responsive ISP 
Your organization doesn t have any 
Most Internet Service Providers will help 
full-time Information Technology 
with routine tasks such as getting a site s e-
staff. Or it does have IT staff, but 
mail response forms to work. Full-service 
they re too busy with their current 
ISPs can assist with the technical aspects of 
duties to help with the Web site. Or 
large, sophisticated sites, such as 
the IT staff is unfamiliar with Web 
programming and database integration. The 
key in each case is customer service. 
 When choosing an ISP for Web site hosting, 
ask for references from its clients. Good 
client references indicate good service. Keep 
in mind, though, that in any ISP the most 
technically-proficient employees are typically 
the ones least inclined toward client 
interaction. The clearer your instructions to 
them, the better work you will get. 
No full-time graphic designer 
Hire a professional designer 
Your organization doesn t have a 
A professional graphic designer can be 
full-time graphic designer on staff 
brought in to design page templates. In-
to design the look and feel of its 
house Site Builders can then create the site s 
Web site. 
pages based on these templates. 
 Just as brochures designed by a graphics firm 
look more professional than the homemade 
variety, a professionally-designed Web site 
will exhibit a more polished look. Make sure 
the designer hired has substantial Web 
experience: Web design requires specialized 
knowledge that can t be learned by working 
in print or multimedia. 
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