Rather than use IT staff for Web publishing, use them to develop Web applications. For 
instance, IT staff could be used to connect an organization s Web site with a database.   
The online bookstore at Amazon.com is an example of a Web site that includes this type 
of Web application:  
1. Customer 
2. Web server 
clicks on a 
gets request for 
book to get 
book info, asks 
more info 
3. Database 
retrieves current 
reviews and 
then sends 
information to 
5. Customer sees 
4. Web server 
Web server.
new page that 
shows review, 
information into 
availability of 
creates new 
page, sends to 
Building a site like this still requires a Site Coordinator and a Web-savvy Graphic 
Designer. However, the team building and maintaining it should contain mostly IT staff. 
The Site Coordinator organizes the site content and work, the Graphic Designer designs 
the site s look and templates, and IT staff build the site s functionality. 
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