Plan  21 
Determine if more than one site is necessary 
During discussion of the site s audience and purpose, several audiences may be identified. 
Several different purposes may be uncovered.  
For instance, people planning a health care Web site may want it to serve both new 
mothers and the elderly. However, the concerns and preferences of the Pediatric and the 
Geriatric are very different. Mothers would be better served by a site built just for them, as 
would older people.  
 A Saturday Night Live skit once advertised a product as both  a floor wax AND a dessert 
topping!  An effective Web site is not. If the audiences and purposes to be served are 
divergent, consider building a separate site for each.  
Get audience input 
Once the site s audience is identified, the Site Coordinator should ask a few of the people 
in its audience to serve as an Audience Test Group. This group doesn t have to be large: 
seven or eight people is fine. Just make sure the sample is representative. For example, if a 
site will be used mostly by women, at least five of the eight group members should be 
The members of the Audience Test Group should be asked what they want to do and find 
at the site. After all, they re the people the site is meant to serve. If what they want from 
the site differs from what the organization thinks it should provide, more discussion is 
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