Plan  23 
Resolve the success criteria 
It s important at the beginning of a Web project to resolve the site s success criteria. The 
Site Coordinator should talk with the Decision-Maker to answer the question,  What will 
make it a successful site?  
For example, an association might have these success criteria for its Web site: 
Serve as the prime means of communication with members 
Enable members to register for events online 
Be easy to update by in-house staff 
When the success criteria are resolved, they should be written down, along with the 
audience and purpose. Then the Site Coordinator should have the decision-maker sign 
and approve this document.   
Tip: Document all approvals 
Putting a site s audience, purpose, and success criteria down on paper with the decision-
maker s signature helps avoid the wasted effort that comes from mid-project changes. If a 
fundamental change is suggested during the site s construction, the Site Coordinator can 
point to what was approved to get work back on track.  
 Document approvals throughout the site-building process. Have the decision-maker 
literally  sign-off  on approved material to provide tangible proof. 
The pros depend on documentation 
 We document everything we do with a client. Before we do any work, we write a 
detailed work order and have the client sign it. Then we get their signature on 
designs and mock-ups at several different points during a project. Getting signatures 
keeps everybody happy and on the same page.  
Catherine Shaw, Web Project Manager, Mediastudio 
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