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Now that the site has focus and direction, the logistical aspects of building it can be 
addressed. Like any other project, creating a Web site requires three basic things: time, 
people, and money. The Site Coordinator should discuss the logistics of site construction 
with the Decision-Maker: 
When should the site be finished? 
How much time does each team member have to work on the site? 
How much money is budgeted for the project? 
Allocate time for the project   
When talking with the Site Coordinator about when the site should be finished, the 
Decision-Maker will likely ask,  when can it be finished?  
As a general guideline, Web development firms take at least three months to build most 
Web sites. Planning and organization take time, as does getting approvals at each stage of 
development. Add time for construction and testing, and three months is just about the 
lowest time estimate given by Web pros for building a site.  
However, while three months is the lower limit for professionals, an organization building 
a Web site in-house should add at least a month to that. In-house Web staff will have 
other duties besides site-building, and will take longer if the work is new to them. So for 
building a site in-house, four months is a good starting point from which to begin 
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