Plan  27 
Choose the right software 
Choose site-building software 
When the Web first gained popularity, Web sites were built by hand-coding HTML. 
Hand-coding remained essential because point-and-click site creation programs weren t 
sophisticated enough to produce commercial-quality Web sites. The first versions of 
FrontPage, Dreamweaver, Fusion, et cetera made creating sites much simpler than hand-
coding, but sites created with them looked simpler as well. 
Now the current crop of point-and-click Web publishing programs can be used create 
high-quality sites. While it s still helpful to know HTML, it s no longer necessary. Here 
are overviews of the most popular site-building programs: 
Adobe GoLive 
Most of Adobe s programs are meant to 
be used by professional graphic designers, 
and GoLive (version 5; $285) is no 
different. Its spare interface will be 
familiar to long-time Adobe users, but 
people who aren t graphics professionals 
may find it challenging to learn. Once 
mastered, however, Go Live s advanced 
features can be used to create 
  professional-quality sites. 
Macromedia Dreamweaver  
Dreamweaver (version 4; $299) is one of 
the easiest to use site-building programs, 
and the clean code it generates looks 
consistent on a wide variety of computers. 
Templates are easy to create, and pages 
can be changed repeatedly with no ill 
effects. For these reasons, Dreamweaver 
has become popular among organizations 
building Web sites in-house. 
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