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Tip: Implement content-management systems in large, fluid sites 
Some organizations have extensive Web publishing needs. They need to put thousands of 
pages of documentation on their Web sites, or update hundreds of pages every day, or 
enable hundreds of employees to post information to sites. In situations like this, site 
updates require a content-management system.  
There are many systems on the market that enable people to post information to a Web 
site without touching a site-building program. These systems include extensive 
permission control, ensuring that a person authorized to update one section of the site 
cannot change other sections. They also automate the approval process, allowing remote 
review and approval of documents before they re posted to the site.  
Content-management systems tend to be expensive. They require professional 
configuration and installation on the Web server. They also work best when a site is built 
to work with a particular system, so it s best to choose one and implement it right from 
the beginning of a site-building project. 
 Here are several companies that produce Web content-management systems: 
Reedy Creek Technologies 
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