Determine site content 
With logistical aspects squared away, the Web team can now address the question  What 
should the site contain and do?  A good place to start is by brainstorming. 
Get Approval 
All the Web team members should meet in a conference room away from interruptions. 
Have everyone propose ideas about what the site can do and include.  Can,  not 
 should,  is the watchword when brainstorming: no idea is too silly, because the point is 
to generate as many ideas as possible. Be sure to have someone write down ideas as they re 
The Site Coordinator takes the list of ideas proposed and evaluates each for relevance 
according to the site s audience and purpose. Each content idea and proposed feature is 
scrutinized according to the criteria  Will this be useful to the site s audience?  and  Does 
it serve the site s purpose?  Content and features that aren t relevant are removed. Write 
down those remaining in a list. 
The only way to be certain that a site contains what its audience wants is to ask audience 
members themselves. At this stage, show the site s content list to the Audience Test 
Group. Ask each test group member if any content seems unnecessary, and what content 
is particularly appealing. Along with their answers, they may suggest good content ideas 
that weren t previously considered. After speaking with the Audience Test Group, revise 
the site s content list based on its members  input.
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