Organize  55 
Put the site blueprint on paper 
The Site Coordinator can create the site blueprint using a flow-charting or diagramming 
program. The Organization Chart module in PowerPoint is adequate for most sites. To 
produce a site blueprint with more sophisticated graphics, a flow-charting program such 
as Visio can be used. 
Getting to the Organization Chart 
module in Power Point 
Solicit audience input 
Once the site blueprint has been created, the Site Coordinator should show it to the 
Audience Test Group the small group of site audience members that reviewed the site s 
proposed content. Ask them: 
Does it show any content groups that you consider unnecessary? 
Does it leave anything out that s important to you? 
Does the arrangement of groups make sense to you? 
Revise the site blueprint 
Like the site s content list, the site blueprint should be revised based on the input of the 
Audience Test Group. 
Get approval 
After the Audience Test Group provides impressions of the site blueprint and it is revised 
accordingly, have the Decision-Maker review the site blueprint. After it s approved, make 
a copy of the site blueprint and have the Decision-Maker sign off on it. 
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