Prepare content 
Gather content 
Once the site s content groups are organized, the Web team gathers the site s actual 
content. When it is collected from its various sources brochures, reports, spreadsheets, 
CDs, etc this content is put into digital format. Documents are saved as plain text files, 
and graphics are saved in TIF, EPS, PICT, or other digital format. 
Edit content 
The team s Editor takes the raw text documents gathered and edits them down to 
approximately half their original length.  The Editor should use as few words as possible 
for Web text because:  
1.  Reading text on a Web site is harder than reading text in print.  
Web text is usually read on a low-resolution computer monitor. Scrolling down a 
page makes it easy to lose one s place.  
2.  People usually don t want text-rich information from Web sites. 
Most people visit Web sites to find specific information, so they tend to skim. 
Lengthy text passages prevent them from doing this. 
3.  Succinct text is more easily understood. 
Salesmen have a saying that  the more words you use, the less they remember.  
People who build successful Web sites know the same thing. 
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