Conduct audience testing 
Set up the test 
Arrange to have the Audience Test Group test the site draft. If possible, have them do this 
at a place outside the office to avoid distractions. Before the test session, interview each 
member to identify the tasks they want to perform, and the information they want to 
Conduct the test 
Have each group member click through the site for 20-40 minutes. As each member of 
the Audience Test Group attempts to accomplish his or her desired tasks, note if they 
were successful. If not, note the problems encountered.  
Feel free to ask each tester questions such as,  Why did you click there?  and  What s 
your reason for going that way?  However, don t provide any help. 
Summarize the results  
After the audience testing is finished, compile the findings in a report. Each member of 
the Web team and the Decision-Maker should review this report. If a pet feature of the 
site was found to be unpopular or hard-to-use, the audience testing report can supply the 
objective proof needed to change it.  
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