86  Scenario 
Web project scenario 
The following scenario traces the creation of a Web site from beginning to end. It details 
how an organization a fictitious company called Mortgage Unlimited employs in-
house staff to build its Web site. The scenario is organized into sections that correspond 
with the previous sections of this book: Plan-Train-Organize-Build-Maintain.  
The Site Coordinator s perspective 
In the scenario, your perspective is that of the Site Coordinator. Common questions are 
posed as if the Site Coordinator asked them, and the other characters in the scenario 
respond accordingly. The members of the Web team also ask questions, which are 
answered as a Site Coordinator might. 
You re the communications director for Mortgage Unlimited, a 
home mortgage company. The company has a Web site, 
basically an online brochure built by an outside contractor, 
who updates the site every week. 
You ve reviewed your site and compared it to others, and you believe that it s lacking. You 
want to be redesign and expand it. You d like it to contain information on loan rates 
that s updated daily. Since you d need to train people for daily site maintenance anyway, 
you decide to train the company s staff to build an entirely new site.  
 After meeting with the company s general manager, you get approval to build a new site 
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