As cluster based Web servers are increasingly adopted to host a variety of network 
based services, performance improvement of these servers has become a critical issue.
Since user level communication is an effective technique to reduce the intra cluster com 
munication overhead, cluster based Web server design utilizing user level communication
mechanisms has been a popular research focus in recent times. In this context, the over 
all objective of this research is to explore several design issues in order to enhance the
performance of cluster based network servers based on user level communication mech 
Due to their complexity, the performance of cluster based Web servers is depen 
dent on various design choices and demands imposed on the systems. Therefore, we
investigate several design issues with different system environments as explained below.
First, we propose a coscheduled server model, which coschedules the communication pro 
cesses of a request. Its main objective is to minimize the response time of requests that
need intra cluster communication. The coscheduled server is modeled using two known
coscheduling techniques, called Dynamic Coscheduling (DCS) and DCS with immediate
blocking. Second, we investigate the impact of the Secure Socket Layer (SSL) offer 
ing in cluster based application servers and propose a SSL backend forwarding scheme,
called SSL with bf. Although SSL is the most popular protocol to provide a secure chan 
nel between a client and an application server, its high overhead degrades the server
performance considerably, and thus, affects the server scalability. Therefore, improving



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