Thesis Overview
Coscheduled Web Servers
Request response time significantly affects user satisfaction. A significant vol 
ume of work has already been done regarding improvements in Web server throughput.
However, latency time has garnered relatively little attention although it is also an impor 
tant aspect in designing cluster based Web servers [15]. The steady growth of dynamic
Web content has made latency reduction even more critical. In addition to user level
communication, coscheduling of communicating processes has been used as an effective
approach in minimizing the overall execution time of parallel application on clusters
[14, 53, 69]. Because the PRESS Web server [23] and other distributed server models in 
dicate a significant amount of intra cluster communication to service client requests and
to update caching information, we propose a coscheduled distributed Web server model
to facilitate faster communication. Coscheduling techniques are employed between the
two threads which handle the intra cluster communications in the sending and receiving
nodes. Intra cluster communication occurs when the requested file resides on a remote
server cache in distributed Web servers. Since reading from the remote data cache takes
much less time than accessing the disk, the request is forwarded to the server which has
the requested file in the data cache. We prepare to examine the impact of coscheduling
techniques on Web server response time.



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