Chapter 3
Coscheduled Web Servers
As a cluster based Web server is recognized as a cost effective architecture to sat 
isfy most requirements imposed on Web servers, a multitude of network services have
been designed and evaluated using cluster platforms [74, 66, 43]. Specifically, the ad 
vances in cluster design, system area networks (SANs), and efficient user level commu 
nication mechanisms have made cluster based services attractive from performance and
economic standpoints. Therefore, the design of distributed Web servers has been a ma 
jor research thrust in order to improve throughput and response time [12, 13, 58, 49].
Quanzhong Li et al. [49] proposed a distributed Web server based on the popular Apache
Web server [55]. The authors used a dynamic hyper link policy to distribute requests
by migrating and replicating documents among cooperating servers. Implementation on
a 16 node server indicated that the distributed mechanism can improve system perfor 
mance (throughput and response time) compared to the usual single node model. Mohit
Aron et al. [12] proposed a scalable content aware distribution policy that minimizes the
bottleneck of the front end by using a de centralized request distribution strategy. In
this policy, a layer 4 webswitch is used instead of a layer 7 webswitch to distribute the
requests to back end nodes. The back end node has the distribution module, which is
responsible for forwarding the request to an appropriate node for servicing the request.



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