Coscheduling in Web Server Design
In this section, we discuss the coscheduled PRESS model to facilitate any coschedul 
ing mechanism.
The Coscheduled Web Server Model
Our design is based on the PRESS model since it is a publicly available distributed
Web server that uses user level communication, VIA. A content oblivious webswitch is
employed in our cluster based server as the front end system. The webswitch distributes
the requests to the servers in the cluster using the Round Robin DNS. The initial node
that receives the request from the webswitch parses the header of the HTTP request
and determines which file is requested. Each node in the cluster is aware of the cache
and load information of other nodes. Thus, the initial node can determine whether the
requested file can be served locally or remotely. Based on this information, a request is
classified into one of three categories as explained below:
  local cache read: The initial node has the requested file in its local cache, and this
becomes the service node. This request needs the minimal time for service.
  remote cache read: The initial node does not have the request file in its local
cache, but the file is located in another server's cache. In this case, the initial node
forwards the request to the server, called the service node, that has the file. The
service node returns the contents to the initial server, which forwards the file to
the client.



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