System Model
The simulator written in CSIM, consists of two major components; a communi 
cation module and an integrated Web server and application server module.
The integrated Web and application server works as follows. The requests from
client processes are distributed by the distributor to the servers. As soon as a server
receives a request, it opens an SSL connection with the client. If the server has the client's
previous session information, it skips the RSA asymmetric key operation. According to
the request type (static or dynamic), the request is processed differently. If the request
is for static contents, it is serviced by the Web server module. Otherwise, it is forwarded
to the application server module. When the backend forwarding mechanism is needed,
the application server invokes the communication module to send the request to another
System and Workloads Parameters
Table 4.2 summarizes the system and network parameter values used in our exper 
iments. The memory access time, VIA net latency and VIA processing overhead values
are obtained from measurements on a 16 node Linux (2.4.7 10) cluster. Each node of
this cluster is an Athlon 1.76GHz uni processor with 1GBytes memory. The latency
values are given as a function of the message size (S). HTTP protocol overhead and
HTTP processing overhead are the CPU times for the inter process communication and
request pre processing such as path translation, respectively. We assume that the dy 
namic contents are generated by FastCGI. The average dynamic content generation rate



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