of FastCGI, studied in [42], is 2250KBytes per second. We assume that 80% of the re 
quests are dynamic and are directed to the application servers. The rest 20% are serviced
by the Web servers. Based on the client behaviors studied in [56, 33], we assume that
the number of client requests per session ranges from 1 to 100. The SSL parameters used
in the simulation are shown in Table 4.1.
Table 4.2. Timing Parameters
memory access time
0.002048   S(ms)
VIA net latency
0.03 + 0.007987   S(ms)
VIA processing overhead
0.003 + 0.007987   S(ms)
TCP connection overhead
HTTP protocol overhead
HTTP processing overhead
Fast CGI Rate
Dynamic request percentage
Number of requests per session
1   100
Number of server nodes
16, 32
* S ( file size : KBytes)
Simulator Validation
The simulator validation is composed of two parts; accuracy of the intra cluster
communication model and the SSL enabled Web server parameters. First, like in the
previous chapter, we validate the communication model of the simulator by measuring
the round trip time in the 16 node Linux cluster.



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