than that of the ssl with session latency. Figure 4.5 (b) plots the throughput results of
the three models. Like the latency result, the throughput of RR is much lower compared
to the ssl with bf and ssl with session models. The ssl with bf model also yields better
throughput compared to ssl with session as the load increases. Since Figure 4.5 obviously
shows that RR cannot yield good performance, we omit RR results in the forwarding
discussion. Figure 4.6 shows the latency and throughput results in a 32 node application
server. The tendency of these results is very similar to the results of the 16 node cluster.
Average latency of ssl with bf reduces about 40% and throughput of ssl with bf increases
up to 10% compared to ssl with session in a 32 node cluster environment.
Next, to further analyze these latency results, the normalized breakdown of the
CPU time in a server is presented in Figure 4.7. The total measured time is the duration
in which the Web cluster completes 100,000 requests. The CPU time is divided into the
four categories; (i) asymmetric key operation time, (ii) symmetric key and hash oper 
ation time, (iii) the time the CPU needs for servicing static and dynamic jobs such as
memory access time and TCP/IP connection time, and (iv) idle time. The RR scheme
spends over 90% of the CPU time for the asymmetric key operation. Even the ssl with bf
and ssl with session models also spend the largest portion of the CPU time for asym 
metric key operations. For RR, since the total time for completion of 100,000 requests is
longer compared to the other models, the CPU time for symmetric key operations looks
negligible. Both the ssl with bf and ssl with session models have similar SSL processing
overheads. However, since ssl with bf requires less time to complete 100,000 jobs and
also has the minimal idle time, it can processes more jobs than ssl with session at higher



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