In this chapter, we investigated the performance implications of the SSL protocol
for providing secure service in a cluster based application server, and proposed a backend
forwarding scheme for improving server performance through better load balance. The
proposed ssl with bf scheme exploits the underlying user level communication in order
to minimize the intra cluster communication overhead. We compared three application
sever models: RR, ssl with session and ssl with bf through simulation. The simulation
model captures the VIA communication characteristics and the application server design
in sufficient detail and uses realistic numbers for SSL encryption overheads obtained from
Simulation with 16 node and 32 node cluster configurations with a variety of
workloads provides the following conclusions. First, schemes with reusable sessions, de 
ployed in the ssl with session and ssl with bf models, are essential for minimizing the SSL
overhead. Second, the average latency can be reduced by about 40% with the ssl with bf
model compared to the ssl with session model, resulting in improved throughput. Third,
the proposed scheme provides higher utilization and better load balance across all server
nodes. All of these results indicate that the proposed backend forwarding scheme is a
viable mechanism for improving the performance of secure cluster based network servers.



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