To study the performance impact of the proposed NIC caching schemes on Web
server cluster based on SAN, we conduct a performance analysis based on Web work 
loads with different characteristics. We first obtain three different Web server logs (i.e.,
Penn State CSE (CSE) [63], UC Berkeley (UCB) [71] and Penn State University (PSU)
[62] traces) for analyzing of the characteristics of Web content. These traces were gath 
ered recently (except for the UCB trace) and contain a large amount of data. Through
our analysis, we found that these three traces show some major differences in statis 
tical characteristics and accessed patterns. These differences meet our goal of explor 
ing performance implications of the proposed caching schemes under different workload
characteristics. As such, the findings drawn from this study can be used for designing
alternative caching schemes and for tuning the caching schemes to maximize Web server
We conduct an extensive performance evaluation on a simulation based Web server
(with or without NIC caching). Our experimental results show that the NIC caching
schemes significantly increase throughput over the original system. The exclusive caching
scheme becomes beneficial when workload shows a low popularity skewness. The inclu 
sive caching scheme is particularly effective with workloads with large file sizes and high
popularity skewness. We also examine the performance impact of the I/O intercon 
nection architectures and of the scalability of cluster size. Our results show that the
NIC exclusive caching scheme improves system performance even if the bandwidth made
available by intra cluster communication technologies continues to increase. Also, NIC
caching schemes provide scalable throughput with various cluster sizes.



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