Related Work
In this section, we will briefly summarize the prior studies related to this research.
Web Caching Analysis
Many Web caching algorithms have been suggested based on Web trace analy 
sis. Previous studies on the Web characterization have suggested that access patterns
to the Web contents in certain communities of clients have displayed Zipf distribution
[5, 33]. Breslau et al. [18] showed that Web requests from those clients are distributed
according to a Zipf like distribution. They investigated the page request distribution in
Web proxy caches using traces. In addition, this study also showed that the hit ratios
and temporal locality of the traces exhibit certain asymptotic properties. A study on
the WWW proxy caching algorithms has been conducted by Cao et al. [21]. They com 
pared the performance of nine existing document replacement algorithms and introduced
GreedyDualSize, which incorporates locality with cost and size concerns in a simple and
non parameterized fashion to achieve high performance. Most of the above mentioned
studies aim at caching schemes for main memory. Our study focuses on how to support
data caching using NIC memory.
NIC Memory as a Data Cache
Kim et al. [78] have used the NIC memory as a data cache in a single Web server
with two clients. The highly accessed files are duplicated in the Ethernet based NIC
memory, which typically has only 1MBytes of on chip memory. This study emulates up
to 16MBytes of memory using a scatter gather mechanism. The results indicate that



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