the NIC caching scheme can reduce the PCI bus traffic by 57% and improve the server
throughput by 31% on a single node server. However, this study is different from our
research in the following points. First, it used Ethernet based NIC memory for data
caching. In contrast, our research is to investigate the NIC caching in intelligent NICs,
since a large memory space is currently provided only in intelligent NICs. Second, while
the NIC caching has implemented on TCP/IP between a client and a Web server, we
mainly focus on intra cluster communication (i.e. VIA and InfiniBand) among nodes in
a cluster. Finally, since the prior study only used one server and two clients, it is difficult
to reflect performance challenge of the real Web servers with this small configuration.
J. Wu et al. [77] have analyzed the impact of NIC memory on communication
performance using the Mellanox InfiniBand adapter (HCA). The authors show the per 
formance gain for data communication, when the NIC memory is used as an intermediate
communication buffer and communication forwarding chain. Using micro benchmarks,
they have shown that NIC memory can minimize the local interconnect traffic and can
reduce the conventional Host/NIC data movement delay up to 2.2 times. However, this
study mainly focuses on efficient communication in an MPI based parallel computing
Finally, a direct data transfer technique between a disk and NIC memory was
proposed in [41]. It was shown that by avoiding the traditional disk to memory copy, the
I/O throughput can increase up to 50%. However, none of the prior efforts has analyzed
the implications of NIC caching in a distributed/cluster based Web server.



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