Table 5.5. Timing Parameters (S is the file size in KBytes)
TCP connection
145  s
TCP net latency
44.56   S + 80 ( s)
VIA net latency
30 + 7.987   S ( s)
PCI bus (64 bit 66MHz)
Memory Bus (133MHz)
disk access time
1316 + 10.24   S ( s)
NIC to Host
4.12   S ( s)
Host to NIC
9.75   S ( s)
25   S + 0.75 ( s)
Host to Host
2.04   S ( s)
memory size
512 MBytes
NIC size
256 MBytes
Simulator Validation
The simulator is first validated by comparing the simulation results with those
from our prototype implementation. To validate the Web server module, we run the
PRESS Web server [23] in an 8 node cluster using the CSE trace. Figure 5.8(a) and (c)
present the throughput and latency comparison between the simulator and PRESS Web
servers. In addition, the simulator with the NIC caching scheme is validated with the
prototype we have implemented (Interested readers are referred to [28] for details). We
vary the number of clients from 100, 200 to 400 and use the CSE trace in the experiment.
Figure 5.8 shows that the differences of throughput and latency between the simulation
and PRESS (and the prototype) are consistently less than 5%.



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