and found that response times can be reduced significantly, especially in lightly loaded
Second, we investigated the impact of SSL offering in cluster based application
servers, and proposed a backend forwarding mechanism to provide higher throughput and
even load distribution among the cluster nodes by exploiting the low overhead of user 
level communication. In SSL, servers can use the session reuse scheme; where a client's
previous session information is used to avoid the expensive authentication process. The
back end forwarding mechanism, uses a session aware distribution policy at a webswitch
to maximize the possibility that each server takes advantage of session reuse. In addition,
it has an intelligent load balancing scheme that forwards client requests from a heavily
loaded backend node to a lightly loaded node to improve utilization across all nodes. This
policy uses the underlying user level communication mechanism for fast communication.
Our results indicate that the the backend forwarding scheme is quite useful to enhance
the performance of SSL enable servers.
Third, we proposed to use the NIC cache as an extended cache, while a typical
Web server uses only the main memory as its data cache. We examine two alternative
schemes; the exclusive and inclusive caching schemes. The exclusive caching scheme uses
the NIC memory as an extended cache for the main memory cache. This scheme increases
the cache hit ratio, and thus reduces the number of disk accesses. The exclusive scheme
is particularly effective when the number of Web data items is large and the popularity
skewness is low, as in the UCB trace. The inclusive caching scheme maintains a copy of
the most frequently accessed data items (or files) in the NIC memory. Thus, the NIC
cache is a subset of the main memory cache. The main advantage of this scheme is



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