AHS Region 2/Great Lakes Newsletter
ite of Perfection
By  Nikki Schmith
With contributions by Judy Davisson, Sharon Fitzpatrick, The Oakland Press,  and his daughter, Gloria Hite.
n 1968, Howard Hite registered his first three
him in his wheelchair through the garden each day to see
the new varieties.  He pointed out and recommended
ALLAH, and ANGELUS BELLS.  Thirty five
crosses for Gloria each day, keeping her on her toes during
years and 125 cultivars later, the contributions to the
the morning walks.
daylily community made by Howard and his family is
During the 2001 Southern Michigan Hemerocallis
almost indescribable. Whether it was sharing a  Cherry
Society's exhibition show, where one of his seedlings
Bounce  beverage under the shade trees at his home during
earned the AHS Rosette, Howard was evaluating all of the
the 1985 convention or seeing Howard with the pollen 
seedlings and recommending names for them. Most of
filled stamens in his mouth as he puttered around the
garden, we all have memories of this hybridizer, father,
husband, grandfather of 7 grandchildren, great grandfather
of 13 great grandchildren, entrepreneur, and friend.
Howard died of congestive heart failure on January 21in
Treasure Island, Florida while wintering with his daughter,
Gloria, also a daylily hybridizer.  A week before his
passing, just before his 99
 birthday celebration, he submit 
ted what is his last registration, CHRISTINE WALSER
HITE (Hite, H. 2003), named after his mother.
Throughout his life long work with daylilies, Howard had
two goals:  to grow a blue daylily and to live to be 100
years old.
 I'd like to see his dream of a blue daylily turn up one of
these days,  said Gloria Hite.  He was my father, he was
my friend, and he was my rock that was always there. 
Gloria plans to stay involved in her father's work, and to
Howard's introductions are named after exotic geographic
maintain the nearly complete collection of his introductions
locations, for example, INDONESIA, CORSICA, and
she has amassed.
DELHI.  Howard also chose the prefixes ANGELUS and
 Every morning, I go out in the garden and look and see
SYLVAN LAKE for some of his introductions, and he
what is blooming,  Howard Hite said in an August 2002
named many of them after family members.
interview with The Oakland Press. His daughter pushed
 Spring/Summer 2003


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