AHS Region 2/Great Lakes Newsletter
obviously spoiled the garden tour...yet someone boarded
the bus and explained that  Cherry Bounce  would still be
served in the garage.  About half the people on the bus
quickly dashed through the downpour, making a beeline to
the garage, leaving the remaining half on the bus looking
very puzzled.  I've heard that Gloria Hite is safeguarding
this secret family recipe and will be continuing the Hite
tradition including the singing of a few tunes!
Howard Hite
At the last SMHS general membership meeting Howard
at the 2001
attended, we were raffling off door prizes at the end of the
meeting.  Members had signed their name next to a number
on a piece of paper upon arrival at the meeting for this
purpose.  As the president, I was handing out the door
Society's Corn
Sharon Fitzpatrick of central Ohio remarked to the AHS
Daylily E mail Robin about some of her favorite Hite
cultivars.  She wrote:
  Closest thing I have ever
seen to a blue daylily. Flower is the color of a hosta
  Flower is a huge yellow tetraploid. Scape
resembles a daylily tree.
  Howard was ahead of the
hybridizing game with purple edged white. GHB is in
the gene pool of Richard Norris's FLIGHT OF THE
  Tall well branched red tetraploid that laughs at
prizes and needed someone to pick a number for the
the sun.
winner. Howard was sitting near the front of the crowd, 98
   One of the best eyed Spider
years strong, the only life member in the audience on that
Variant flowers in my garden.
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Very few people know the fun loving side of Howard Hite.
He loved to sing and was once spotted at a club picnic at
his Lake Angelus home, sitting alone in a lawn chair
behind his garage singing away.  Truth be told, he was
hiding from folks that wanted him to sell a few daylilies
long after his  selling hour  had passed and, as he ex 
plained, he was  busy  enjoying a little  Cherry Bounce. 
Now what is  Cherry Bounce ?  Well, it looks like punch
and is a concoction brewed from real cherries harvested
from the Hite cherry tree. It includes a whole lot of vodka,
and a secret ingredient gathered from annual sojourns to
Florida for the winter. Legend has it that the brew got its
name because it had the ability to make people who ate the
cherries on the bottom of the glass bounce off the walls of
the garage where it was traditionally served during summer
parties.  Some AHS members will remember Bus 4 pulling
up to the Hite residence during a Region 2 summer meet 
ing.  It was very late in the day, and a pelting rain had
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