AHS Region 2/Great Lakes Newsletter
corduroyed and ruffled flower.  He says that the scapes
don't know why good ones. 
are as short or shorter than STELLA DE ORO.
What would you consider some of your overlooked
At one point the conversation turned to blue daylilies.
 Dr. Kasha got two seedlings from me. He said they
 Well, my GREEN RIVER, and that's beautiful.
were the best he saw to work with blues. I have one now
That's ruffled, greenish, and it throws beautiful flow 
that I've introduced as BLUE PURPLE. It's quite blue.
ers. Then comes TEXAS CHOICE, and after that is
Of course, it has that reflection of purple in it. It has a
PARADE QUEEN, and there are others. 
very green throat. It's very large about a seven inch
flower. It's on the Olivier Monette line. I don't have any
We talked of some of Walter's introductions for 1982.
to sell anymore. I sold I guess six. I have to keep one; I
 I have a little one coming out now I call GOLDEN
converted one.  BLUE PURPLE was introduced this
CORDUROY. It's absolutely like corduroy material.
There isn't a speck of plain smooth petal on it  and
ruffled. And that all traces back to JAKARTA. All my
I have read that a beginner in hybridizing is sup 
yellows go back to JAKARTA. That's still good. All in
posed to have a goal or plan of some sort. Have you
all, JAKARTA I believe did more for the yellows than
worked that way?
anything. Look, all of Whatley and Harris that's all
After a long laugh: `you cannot because it won't
JAKARTA based, every bit of it. And they're doing
nice work. 
What do you do now?
 Do you know HOMEWARD BOUND? I introduced
 I'll tell you. I know the background of most of my
one out of HOMEWARD BOUND this year. PINK
things. I do make a few planned crosses in the beginning
SUNSHINE. It's a pink, and it has a green throat, and
if I get something real nice, and later on I just go for
then it has a kind of a...just like the sunshine shining on
looks. Of course, I think you should keep close records
it. Kind of a gold overlay, but not. You can see it away
and all of that. It's all right, but there's just about as
from the flower.  Walter described a similar seedling.
much work keeping the records as there is to hybridizing
 To look at it, it looks kind of pearly pink. You step
lilies, or more. And I'll tell you, after three or four
way over there, and it has like a light in it. It glows.
generations you don't have what you say anymore
From a distance it will glow. 
because things have changed. It's diluted. They'll say,
When the 1981 national convention visited Walter's
`Well, this comes from so and so,'  but it will never
garden, he gave each visitor a tag to hang on the plant
throw a flower like that because there are so many
the visitor liked best. A miniature seedling received 94
recessive traits. 
 You know, I think the diploids are easier to work with.
The tetraploids are more unpredictable. The seed is not
much good here. We get so much soft seed. You touch it
and it squirts. 
 I never make any cross unless one of them is a rebloom.
I'm trying to wipe out this onetime bloom. 
 We get the most quality from the evergreens. Dr. Peck
is, I believe, the only person who has superceded the
evergreens with her dormants. Hers are all dormants. 
Talk about hybridizing cannot go on long these days
without mentioning DANCE BALLERINA DANCE.
 You can throw all your others away. Oh my gosh. You
can get down on your knees and you can't buy one. The
minute it was on the cover, I wrote for it, but Dr. Peck
turned me down. I thought to myself, `Well, I don't need
it.' But I do. 
Walter says he has introduced 25 to 30 daylilies.  Some
of them people will forget about. They'll sidetrack. I
 I never make a cross unless one of them is a rebloom. I'm
trying to wipe out this one time bloom. 
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