AHS Region 2/Great Lakes Newsletter
tags. After almost losing it, Walter has revived it and
42 years in the East Chicago and Hammond district.  He
plans to introduce it with the name MINNIE PEARL.
spoke of a brother's successful career with Montgomery
The two and a half inch pearl colored blossoms with
wavy petals line a branched scape.
We walked through the seedlings, and I asked him how
We talked about wintering evergreen daylilies in the
many he was going to have blooming this year.  Oh, not
North.  First of all I plant my evergreens at least three
so many. I've already cut down a little. I would say
inches deep regardless of what the rules say. And then
about six or seven thousand. I always planted at least
for the winter I heel them up like you would potatoes.
ten, twelve, of fifteen thousand sometimes. Out of that I
And then I'll put trash on them.  This he then follows
introduce three or four. I'll tell you: You can fault
with three layers of old fashioned carpet pad.  They'll
anybody   any human being. You can fault any cow or
winter just like nothing. 
a horse. And the daylilies are especially vulnerable. 
I stated that I do nothing to my evergreens, and they
With the exception of a few flats of seeds, Walter plants
come through fine. Walter:  Some of them do, but you
his seeds in the ground in the fall. He had a lush crop of
them coming up looking about ready to be lined out. I
commented on the difficulty I had experienced trying to
look at his vast number of seedlings in the past.  Half of
my job is looking,  he said.
We had talked quite a while. I left with a big bunch of
lilacs and careful instructions on how to make them last
long in water.
A Big Thank You to Phillip Brockington
Phillip Brockington's interview of Walter Jablonski
appeared  in the 1982 Spring Region Two Newslet 
ter and was reprinted in this issue with the author's
 I was raised and grew up in an age when people were
pasting nickels together to make a quarter. 
Phillip Brockington was the 1982 Region 2 Vice 
lose some good ones. I lost MARTHA ADAMS by
president. He had saved the original negative film
forgetting to cover it up. And I paid $75.00 for that
of the black and white photos all these years and
one.  I replied that since I don't pay $75.00 for a plant,
had them reprinted for the editor to use in this
maybe I don't worry about them as much. Walter:
newsletter.  Phil also donated a copy of the original
 Well, I'll tell you, I don't have money to throw away. I
newsletter for the Region 2 Editor's  box  to begin
only use the money that I get from daylilies. I was
a new collection of old newsletter copies that were
raised and grew up in an age when people were pasting
lost and that can be used as a reference by the
nickels together to make a quarter. 
Region 2 editors.
This led to a discussion of his background. Walter was
This editor tried to scan the black white photos as
born in Poland and came to this country at the age of
closely as the 1982 Region 2 publicity director and
four. He is the oldest of seven children. When the
editor, Leo Sharp, did; however, a larger size
youngest child was six weeks old, Walter's father
typeface was used for this text, and that made the
became sick.  I brought the whole bunch up, and
document a little longer.
everyone wanted to go to school. My brother taught at
Pittsburgh University for 37 years. My sister taught for
 Spring/Summer 2003


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